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1998 to the present
Developers on all platforms
Full Licensed or Original Development
Ports, Rescues, Solutions
Art/Code/Design Contracting
Proven multi-platform tools and technology
15-strong core team (full-time and freelance)
Extensive list of freelancers and teams for expansion

Matthew Nagy

Business Development

Matthew Nagy has been in the games industry for almost 20 years, at first as a games designer, then doing business development and running his own companies for Coyote and Attractive

Pearl Nagy


Pearl Nagy has been running her own businesses for over 15 years, in various different fields, from web to fashion and alternative health, and now game/app development

Work in progress

Graveyard Smash

Graveyard Smash

The company has been excitingly developing our own original title Graveyard Smash for the past 2 years, and hope to release the game in the Autumn of ’17 on PC/Mac, PSN/XBLA, and phones/tablets. The game is a tongue-in-cheek pastiche of classic arcade shooter with boss battles that tells the story of the plight of the virgins which the monsters are attempting to capture for sacrifice. Fun, funny, funereal action gameplay.
Find out more about Graveyard Smash here



Since the demise of the Nintendo Wii as an independent platform for original games, the company has been an outsource solution for other companies who need to expand their team size but don’t want to hire or outsource overseas. The company have had the privilege of being part of a lot of exciting projects over the last 7 years (see Gameography).


Here is just a small selection of games we've helped develop on various platforms. For a full list please click here.



Nintendo Gamecube

Army Men RTS

Nintendo Gamecube

Vietcong Purple Haze


Wonder World



Nintendo Gamecube


Nintendo Gamecube

Agent Hugo Hula Holiday


Horrid Henry: The Good, the Bad, the Bugle

Nintendo 3DS

Flunkerne: Superskurke

Nintendo DS

European Super League


Championship Pony

Nintendo DS

Martian Gothic



Killzone Mercenary


Jade Empire


Driver 5

XBOX 360/PS3

Bratz Forever Diamonds

Nintendo Gamecube/PS2

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